Avanade south africa shows commitment to sustainable skills training

  • Posted on April 29, 2014

sustainable skills training

This is a guest blog post written by Avanade alum, Rudi Greyling.

Avanade South Africa continues its commitment to making a difference in skills training by supporting the Zikulise Community Upliftment Project NPC, a non-profit working to increase the quality of life through sustainable job creation.

As part of its social responsibility program, Avanade visited the Zikulise office in Empangeni, KwaZulu-Natal earlier this year and provided them with a variety of Microsoft technologies to give them the necessary tools to do business more effectively and efficiently. Avanade provided:

  • A SharePoint Online account to manage their documents and website to post regular updates
  • Access to Office 365 to give them email and collaboration tools, which is tied to their SharePoint
  • A new custom management system running on Windows Azure to track and manage students, courses and their trainers with report-writing functionality
  • Two high-powered laptops to work within the Microsoft environments for the best results possible

Louisa Jury, head of training at Zikulise, was ecstatic about the new database and stated it would make everything much easier, especially with data capturing reports. She liked the new clean, uncluttered look and there is so much one can do with the database in a few quick easy steps. She also thanked Avanade for the donation of the two laptops complete with all the programmes that they require for maximum productivity.

Avanade SA staff are always keen to help out and willing to make a difference. The Zikulise project is close to the team’s heart since it makes such a huge difference in people’s lives. With the unemployment rate in South Africa being around 25%, and many communities lacking proper infrastructure and even basic needs such as water, electricity and sanitation, so many South Africans desperately need the skills and necessary training in order to make a living for themselves and provide for their families.

This is why Avanade SA will continue to support Zikulise to ensure that they can continue to provide people with skills training that enhances their ability to become self-employed or gain employment. This, in turn, improves their lives and those of their families and contributes towards the growth and sustainability of the economy.

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