Partnership with Prince’s Trust gives youths a head start

  • Posted on April 14, 2015

Teamwork, leadership, performing under pressure – they’re all vital skills for the workplace but not all of them can be learnt in the classroom. The life experiences we have that develop us into being resilient, perseverant and persistent in our work ethic, can be what set us apart in job interviews and ultimately, the workplace.

Prince's Trust helps young peopleOne organisation that helps people to have that chance is the Prince’s Trust. The charity helps enthusiastic young people find employment and part of the journey is tapping into the qualities they already possess and building on them with relevant work experience.

A recent video advert released by the Prince’s Trust – its first in a decade – highlights the lengths to which many young people go to in order to reach the end goal of a rewarding career. The hard-hitting video lays bare the potential that many young people have in abundance, even if they haven’t had the easiest of upbringings. In some cases, it’s in many of the difficult times that they have developed as people, and consequently can offer a lot to a working environment.

Gio_editedA recent success story is that of Gio Paterna, who secured work experience at Avanade through the Prince’s Trust. This wasn’t a small feat in itself as the journey to Avanade involved a lot of work with the Prince’s Trust to get fully prepared for the interview; including speaking with Job Ambassadors – Prince’s Trust programme alumni who were able to offer inspiration and guidance.

The preparation eventually paid off. Gio worked at Avanade where he picked up a range of key business skills, including communication, planning and marketing. In addition, he learned some valuable lessons about himself and what he could achieve with guidance from experienced people.

The Prince’s Trust helps troubled young people to progress into the world of work, including some of the one million that describe their childhoods as traumatic. Ultimately, the work experience that Avanade runs in conjunction with the Prince’s Trust are different to the average work experience placements. They give a chance to people who might not otherwise have them, and spur Avanade’s people to go the extra mile in passing on their knowledge, experience and handy hints that are invaluable to young people.

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