Fundraising for paws4vets with our Veterans ERG

  • Posted on May 20, 2020
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Paws 4 Vets

The title of “man’s best friend” takes on a whole new meaning at paws4vets. From physical rehabilitative regiments, to emotional healing and support, paws4vets specially train dogs to keep their humans moving in a positive direction. After all, rediscovering your independence is much more satisfying with a friend by your side. For veterans suffering from combat injuries such as post-traumatic stress or even attempted suicide, these dogs have a proven history of saving lives! 


Through the paws4vets Assistance Dog Placement Program, veterans, service members and military dependents with physical, neurological, psychiatric or emotional disabilities can receive a dog trained to support their disability. 


So how did Avanade become involved? Dave Seybold, President, North America, met with his father, Tom Seybold, who is a member of the Star Spangled Chapter of the Military Officers Association of America and has supported paws4vets for the past three years. In March, Dave reached out to  me and Dikasse Zalla, the Corporate Citizenship Champs for our region , to see if we would be interested in leading the paws4vets fundraiser. Since I am also a veteran and a Veterans ERG Board Member, I found this to be a project I am particularly passionate about. Dikasse and I worked closely with the Northeast Talent Communities (TC) and identified Champs from each TC to lead the charge (and also develop a little competitive comradery) to help raise funds for paws4vets. 

What makes this organization so close to my heart? Over the last two decades, paws4vets has successfully taught their clients to navigate disabilities with a canine companion. Their staff members have placed assistance dogs across the country to lend a helping paw where it’s needed most, and the program continues to grow as we educate others about the power of proper training and positivity. paws4vets shows how to find your new leash on life, and gain a new best friend along the way. How do we know? My colleague, Mario Fialho, is a U.S. Air Force veteran. He has a friend, Gene, who has a service dog named Naomi. With Naomi, Gene is able to live a better life.  See how Naomi has impacted Gene’s life here.

Gene and Naomi

Even before the fundraiser ended, I’m proud to say that we exceeded our goal of $10,000, with Avanade matching donations from our employees. I am so happy that Avanade employees have chosen to invest in paws4vets and contribute toward a better future for another veteran.

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