Celebrating our people doing what matters – 2022 Global I&D Awards

  • Posted on October 27, 2022
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Inclusion & Diversity is not just a “nice to have” at Avanade – it is an imperative. It’s embedded into our culture and the way we conduct ourselves. We see it in our metrics, the employer awards we win, our employee stories, and in our new brand campaign “Do what matters” – we are creating a workplace where everyone matters, and everyone thrives. That doesn’t just happen; it requires hard work and dedication.  

This September, we launched our inaugural I&D Awards to take the time to recognize, celebrate, and reward our people for their +1 contributions to advancing our I&D agenda. These awards raised the profile of role models across Avanade and inspired others to get involved – and provide the opportunity for everyone in Avanade to celebrate the progress on our I&D journey. 
As we strive to be recognized as one of the most inclusive organizations in the world, it’s important that we create such an environment by defining and driving more inclusive behaviors. When we put out the call for nominations, we were overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response; we received a staggering 330 nominations across a range of categories. It’s a testament to the fact that so many at Avanade are making a genuine human impact through their contributions to Inclusion & Diversity.  

Spearheaded by Carrie Alexander and Asilah Howell, the awards were presented by members of our I&D team, our CEO Pam Maynard, and members of our executive leadership committee. It was so inspiring to see our most senior leaders from across the globe all commit their time and attention to this event, demonstrating how passionate they are about empowering every voice at Avanade. This was a really special event, and I felt so proud as each of our winners were announced. Until next year! 

Another hearty congratulations to our 2022 I&D Award winners: 

Global Awards 
Change Maker Award: Rob Leach 
Inclusive Innovation Award: Rodrigo Bighetti 
Door Opener Award: Sebo Wijnberg 
People’s Choice Award: Eni de Melo Pereira Souza and Luciano Holanda de Menezes 

Area Awards 

Growth Markets – Rising I&D Leader Award: Beatriz Vannucci Pivotto 
Growth Markets – Inclusive Leadership Award: Marcio Oliveira 
Growth Markets – Community Builder Award: Deirdre McIntosh 
Europe – Rising I&D Leader Award: Charles Dallimore 
Europe – Inclusive Leadership Award: Barry Pettitt 
Europe – Community Builder Award: Sarah Rench 
North America – Rising I&D Leader Award: Maria Greco 
North America – Inclusive Leadership Award: Woody Walker 
North America – Community Builder Award: Becca Mann 

Employee Network (EN) Awards 
Emerging Employee Network Chapter Award: AEN (Asian Employee Network) 
Employee Network Chapter Engagement Award: Adelante (Latinx Employee Network) 
Employee Network Chair of the Year Award: Sheldon Carpenter 

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