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How I use “good” stress as a motivator for achieving my goals

Posted by Jacqueline Mendoza Myers on May 10, 2023

Marking Mental Health May, Jacqueline Mendoza Myers shares how she uses "good" stress as a motivator.


How I recovered from a serious case of stress and burnout

Posted by Dan Houser on May 1, 2023

Marking Mental Health May, hear from Dan Houser on his experience with burnout and the support he received.


I joined Avanade a year ago, and now the possibilities seem endless

Posted by Dylan Galanos on January 23, 2023

Dylan Galanos reflects on his first year at Avanade and the endless possibilities available.


From first-gen grad to tech professional

Posted by Jackie Terrazas-Lopez on November 2, 2022

Jackie Terrazas-Lopez reflects on her time at Avanade as a first-generation college graduate working in tech.


Menopause and me: A need to remove the stigma

Posted by Anne MacRae on October 17, 2022

Anne MacRae marks World Menopause Day, held annually on October 18, by sharing her experience with menopause.


Life with Long COVID: How Avanade continues to support me

Posted by Rebecca Holloway on October 10, 2022

Rebecca Holloway shares her experience with Long COVID and how Avanade has supported her throughout that time.


Avanade enables me to be heard without having to speak louder

Posted by Juliana Bächtold on October 5, 2022

For 15 years, Juliana Bächtold thought that it was normal to have to go above and beyond for her voice to be heard. It took moving to Avanade to realize there could be a different way.


My son had a health emergency. Avanade’s flexibility meant I didn’t have to choose between work and family.

Posted by Jacki Liuzzo-Malles on September 14, 2022

Jacki Liuzzo-Malles shares her experience with our alternative work week and how it gave her the flexibility to care for her son's health.


Wellbeing at Avanade: Knowing when to say "no"

Posted by RJ Haynes on September 6, 2022

RJ Haynes shares his experience with burnout and how he learned to manage stress.


How Avanade supported my move from Brazil to Sweden

Posted by Mayara de Jesus on August 3, 2022

After over four years at Avanade Brazil, Mayara de Jesus decided to take advantage of working for a global company and relocate to Sweden – meaning new country, new culture, and new colleagues. Mayara shares about the path to starting this new and exciting chapter in her life.


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