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My son had a health emergency. Avanade’s flexibility meant I didn’t have to choose between work and family.

Posted by Jacki Liuzzo-Malles on September 14, 2022

Jacki Liuzzo-Malles shares her experience with our alternative work week and how it gave her the flexibility to care for her son's health.


Wellbeing at Avanade: Knowing when to say "no"

Posted by RJ Haynes on September 6, 2022

RJ Haynes shares his experience with burnout and how he learned to manage stress.


How Avanade supported my move from Brazil to Sweden

Posted by Mayara de Jesus on August 3, 2022

After over four years at Avanade Brazil, Mayara de Jesus decided to take advantage of working for a global company and relocate to Sweden – meaning new country, new culture, and new colleagues. Mayara shares about the path to starting this new and exciting chapter in her life.


I criticized my employer’s parental leave. Then they changed it.

Posted by Lauren Chval on July 25, 2022

Lauren Chval shares what Avanade's parental leave change means for her family and how it shows Avanade's commitment to its people.


Lupus Awareness Month: How Avanade supports my wellbeing through my chronic illness

Posted by Trisha Ouelette on May 23, 2022

Trisha Ouelette shares the support she receives at Avanade to mark Lupus Awareness Month.


Why I went orange again

Posted by Amber Hall on April 18, 2022

Amber Hall shares why she chose to "boomerang" back to Avanade in this Homecoming story.


Homecoming: The grass is not always greener

Posted by Wei Liang-Daniels on April 1, 2022

Wei Liang-Daniels shares her story of coming back to Avanade.


Skating on thin ice: How work can be a therapy for living with incurable cancer

Posted by Arianna Angaroni on February 3, 2022

Arianna Angaroni recognizes World Cancer Day by sharing how work can be a therapy for living with incurable cancer.


By giving me opportunities for both rest and growth, Avanade strikes the perfect balance in my employee experience

Posted by Lauren Chval on November 8, 2021

Lauren Chval shares how she's able to find the perfect balance between finding challenge at work and taking time to recharge at Avanade.


Avanade Homecoming: Returning to Avanade was an easy decision for Kevin Tan

Posted by Kevin Tan on September 29, 2021

This edition of our Homecoming series features Kevin Tan, who returned to Avanade to be somewhere that he can work, learn and play.


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