How Avanade supported my move from Brazil to Sweden

  • Posted on August 3, 2022
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I always wanted to expand my horizons and travel the world, and as Avanade is a global organization, it struck me that maybe I could work for the same amazing company but in a different country. Whilst I was looking for open positions, I saw a few jobs advertised in Sweden and after reading up and learning more about the country, I fell in love!

Sweden is very different from Brazil in so many ways. What specially caught my attention was politics and women’s rights. I am interested in politics and don’t agree with the path Brazil is going down at present. Moreover, I’m also not a big fan of hot weather, so Sweden’s climate is a bonus (I know, most people think I’m mad).

How I was able to stay at a company I love whilst trying something new

When I first thought of moving, I knew I didn't want to leave Avanade. Instead, I started to investigate how I could continue doing what I like to do in another country. I already worked with and love analytics, so it was the perfect match.

There were three interviews for my new role. The first interview with the TA team made me think, "This is what I want." I’ve been so impressed with the team in Sweden; from the very first contact, everyone has been so friendly and welcoming.

Getting the admin done

Moving to a different country and making all the practical arrangements can be dauting. Luckily, Avanade made everything super easy. There is a third party company that takes care of the process, so all I had to do was fill out a few forms, which were sent off to the government. Once I heard back, I travelled to the Swedish Embassy in Brasilia (and what a ride – 500 kilometers from my city) to complete the application.

Throughout the process, my career adviser at Avanade Brazil has been amazing and has supported me since my first thought of moving. His help and support have been invaluable, and I can’t wait to meet my new career adviser in Sweden.

My start date in Stockholm approaching fast

I’m starting in Stockholm this month, August, and I’m super excited! I can’t wait to work on new projects and challenges and to meet my Avanade peers of course.

I’ve always liked languages and I started an online course the same day I got the news of the position, but I found it very difficult. But I'm not giving up. It will just take longer than I anticipated to learn and I'm taking classes with a wonderful teacher. I also hope my new colleagues will help me pick the language up.

Emma Humble


August 4, 2022

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