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  • Posted on May 20, 2019
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Doing Business at Avanade event

Doing Business @ Avanade (DB@A) is our milestone training, learning and networking event designed to help our people build long, flourishing careers at Avanade by gaining new skills, strengthening their business acumen and enhancing leadership capabilities.

In Growth Markets, DB@A took place in April and was held over two days in Manila, the Philippines. Our people from Australia, Japan, Greater China, Singapore and Malaysia had the opportunity to meet and engage with their peers, exchange inspiring stories of their career journeys, and learn from our leadership on how we can make a genuine human impact through the innovative work we do for our people and clients.

DB@A was no doubt a tremendous effort that helped our people feel confident and cared for, and let’s hear the experience first-hand from our Growth Markets DB@A Class of 2019. In this edition, we spoke with Gavin Tan, who is a Manager with our Digital Advisory team and based in our Melbourne office.

1. When did you join Avanade?
I first joined Avanade in 2007 for about a year. I left and very soon realized the grass was not always greener on the other side. I made it my commitment to return to Avanade, and that dream came true in 2012.

2. What attracted you to join Avanade?
The people, the culture, the business and the strong relationships we have with Microsoft and Accenture. You not only do good work but are part of a community who looks out for each other. I’ve made many great friends in the industry while working for Avanade.

3. How did you feel when you first learnt that you will be attending Doing Business@Avanade?
Excited on two fronts! The first was, I am going to meet so many faces from the Growth Markets regions. The second was the anticipation of meeting our Growth Markets leaders! I also took the opportunity to meet some of our delivery center team members in Manila and brought them souvenirs from Australia to thank them for all the years of working together remotely.

4. Three things you learnt from DB@A are:

  • The Avanade Growth Markets journey continues. There is so much opportunity to grow the business in the years to come.
  • Technology is evolving and innovating so rapidly, and that Avanade is geared up and prepared to evolve and innovate with it.
  • We have a continuing journey and responsibility to help lead Avanade on this next phase of our career stage.

5. The most inspiring session at DB@A was:
Seeing all our Growth Markets leaders sit down in front of us and said, ”Ask us anything.” I had the opportunity to connect with the people who inspire us all at once, in unison!

6. After completing DB@A, you feel confident that…
I’m able to explain to people what Avanade does on all facets of the business.

7. Describe the DB@A Class of 2019 in three words:

  • Adventurous (I took some on a journey they won’t forget – sorry!)
  • Funny (the stories over dinner and lunches, what happens at DB@A stays at DB@A)
  • Diverse (so many languages, so many cultures, so many leaders)

8. My advice for future DB@A participants is:
To be very excited that you’re attending, because you will learn a lot more about Avanade than you thought you already knew. It is an opportunity you don’t want to pass.


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