Homecoming: The grass is not always greener

  • Posted on April 1, 2022
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When we talk about career or job changes, often a question will pop into one’s mind – “is the grass greener on the other side?” – in my case, the answer is no! This is not the first time I joined a new company then ended up being disappointed, but it is the first time I made the decision of returning to a company that I left.

I was approached and presented with an opportunity to join a company where I would have the chance to learn and improve my OneStream technical skills. After joining, I realised quickly that it was not the place for me, but decided to give some more time to ensure that I wasn’t making a hasty decision. Four months later, just before Christmas, I handed in my notice. I was asking myself: “what do I do now?”

Although my experience was not as expected, I did learn a lot about myself. I realised I prefer Avanade’s well-established standard processes; the variety of the projects and the way of projects are being managed. I found myself missing the extensive learning resources and most of all, the appreciation I received while I was at Avanade. If possible, I would like to go back, I thought – but my pride was telling me otherwise at the same time.

The kind words from my line manager and the Accenture US Directors I was working with before I left Avanade were rotating in my head: 

“Hope it goes well – but in case it does not, make sure I am the first person you call”
“Know that you have a place to come back to if for any reason you need a change”
“You know you always have a home here”
“We look forward to you coming back”

These kind words gave me the encouragement to write to them, letting them know that it did not work out and I would be leaving my role in the new year. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting after sending the emails, but I was quite emotional when I got replies, messages and phone calls back. Then my journey to return to Avanade started. From the bottom of my heart, I truly felt the appreciation. They did not just say I was welcome to come back their actions proved they meant it too.

Throughout the whole process, everyone truly made me feel welcomed back. I am now back on the project and the tasks I am involved in provide opportunities for me to grow. I really appreciate the opportunity to return and the support I received.  I think this time I will stick around a lot longer!

Winston Gonzalez

Wei Liang-Daniels,  I completely understand what you went through in your experience, I too am a boomerang and found myself back to Avanade after leaving and returning a year later.  I am so happy and very fortunate in my case that my friends and network here at Avanade welcomed me back with open arms.  it is totally a great feeling to experience such welcome.  I also realized that the grass is not Greener on the other side!!!#Happy2beOrange!!!

April 4, 2022

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