Q&A with Joanna Lee, Sr. Consultant (and proud mom!)

  • Posted on July 5, 2018
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Joanna Lee, Senior Consultant based in Singapore, became an Avanade team member in May 2017 . Since then, she has had the opportunity to work on several innovative projects. Joanna enjoys her supporting role with the sales team and has been an integral part of multiple pre-sales engagements.

What’s her biggest motivator—and what is one thing no one knows about her? Read on to learn more:

Q. What gets you out of bed every morning? (What motivates you each day?)
A. My two babies! Kingsley is two years old and Kylie is seven months. My children inspire me to become a better person. Seeing their innocent faces smiling at me and admiring me is priceless. I hope to be the super mum that they count on every day whenever they need me.

Q. What makes Avanade different from other places you’ve worked?
A. Avanade focuses a lot on the growth of the individual through education and project exposure. I love that Avanade is forward-looking and embraces many new technologies such as AI, machine learning, RPA and blockchain. These are technologies that will change the world, people's lives and the shape of the way we work. These are skills that will help me engage organizations during my client engagements.

Q. What is your proudest career moment and why?
A. I have not been at Avanade long enough to have one thing stand out. Probably the closest moment was my supporting role in helping win Dynamics 365 deals.

Q. What advice would you give to your younger self?
A. I would say to pick up new technologies and skills that are currently relevant. This would help me to better engage with C-level clients, as they are looking for people who could provide help to transform their business by adopting some of these technologies.

Q. What is your secret to making progress each day?
A. Take the chance to learn new things from peers and customers. Keeping the right attitude and enduring towards a common objective will make each day and journey successful.

Q. A typical weekend for me is…..
A. Being a mother for my two babies and spending more time with them given my busy schedule during the weekdays . Some activities that we will usually do together include role-playing, doodling, storytelling and bringing them to the indoor playground to play.

Q. Tell us one thing people don’t know about you.
A. I am left handed but I play golf with my right hand.

Jia Ji Chen

Very lovely! Good on you!

July 13, 2018

Grace Goh

Lovely, inspiring stories! 

July 8, 2018

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