Life at Avanade with Jenny Heidecke

  • Posted on April 24, 2017

I learned about Avanade from a friend who told me about the new Change Enablement community Avanade was establishing in ASG (Austria Switzerland Germany). After working in the field of change communications at Accenture for a while, I was pretty curious to hear what was going on with this new team at Avanade. And since I was planning on expanding my field of expertise beyond communications anyways, I thought that must be a fortunate coincident.

So I joined the Change Enablement team September last year and enjoy being part of the community ever since. Joining a brand new team at, more or less, the very beginning – a team that constantly grows, is motivated, and passionate about what they’re doing is something very invaluable I believe. That spirit of start-up atmosphere is a nice experience and offers many possibilities for my own personal development. Joining the consultant business has boosted my learning curve drastically and it feels like learning something new every single day – thanks to the great colleagues I am working with. It really is a huge pool of knowledge I can benefit from and I constantly make use of that. So even though it might feel like cold waters sometimes, I can always rely on people around the world who are willing to share their experiences with me at any time!

Get a glimpse of my Life at Avanade in this short video. For career opportunities, please visit: www.avanade.com/careers

Tom Hoglund

Great story, Jenny. I think the feeling of belonging and being to tap into the great pool of knowledge of Avanade is something we all value about working here.

May 1, 2017

Keith Hodo

Welcome aboard! Glad you are enjoying Avanade!

April 28, 2017


Thanks Keith - I sure do :)

May 3, 2017

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