Doing Business@Avanade: Investing in Avanade’s people

  • Posted on July 15, 2019
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Doing Business @ Avanade (DB@A) is our milestone training, learning and networking event designed to help our people build long, flourishing careers at Avanade by gaining new skills, strengthening their business acumen and enhancing leadership capabilities.

This year’s DB@A for Growth Markets took place over two days in Manila, the Philippines. Our people from Australia, Japan, Greater China, Singapore and Malaysia had the opportunity to meet and engage with their peers, exchange inspiring stories of their career journeys, and learn from our leadership on how we can make a genuine human impact through the innovative work we do for our people and clients.

DB@A was no doubt a tremendous effort that helped our people feel confident and cared for. In this edition of our Class of 2019 blog series, we spoke with Matthieu Lambert who is our Greater China Data & AI Lead, based in Hong Kong.


1. When did you join Avanade?

My career journey at Avanade in July 2007. I joined Avanade Belgium as a Developer and have been privileged with the opportunity to grow professionally as an Analyst, Group Manager and today as a Director, leading our newest and most ambitious solution area – Data & AI, in Greater China.


2. What attracted you to join Avanade?

I see Avanade as an innovative company with a strong focus on Microsoft’s solutions and having a close relationship with Accenture.


3. How did you feel when you first learnt that you will be attending Doing Business@Avanade?

I was curious about the content of this new training: what would be shared and what I would learn from the two-day program.


4. Three things you learnt from DB@A are:

  • Good insights from the Innovation session
  • Interesting reminders about the way we go to market with our offerings, solutions and services.
  • Learning more about the role, responsibilities and expectations of being a Director and leader in our business.


5. Complete this sentence: My most memorable experience at DB@A was…

Getting to know my peers when we share our experiences and realized how similar or different our journeys have been.


6. After completing DB@A, you feel confident that…

Avanade is investing in its people.


7. My advice for future DB@A participants is:

Participate by sharing your experiences and don’t hold back from asking questions.


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