A referral brought me to Avanade – now I make sure I refer people I respect, too

  • Posted on August 12, 2021
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A referral brought me to Avanade – now I make sure I refer people I respect, too

People sometimes ask me how I came to work at Avanade. I was a journalist, working in a newsroom, and then suddenly I took a job working in corporate communications for a tech company – two things I had no background in. The truth is I had been tentatively looking for a change but was afraid of leaping into the unknown. The grass is not always greener, and any organization can make themselves sound great on a website or in the interview process, only to pull off the mask once you’re in a role.

My husband had worked at Avanade for five years, and I had seen how the company nurtured his growth, supported him through a family tragedy, and provided meaningful work-life balance that allowed him to be an active parent. I had also met his colleagues at happy hours, and when one of them asked him if I might be interested in an open role at Avanade, he knew it was worth a discussion.

I was nervous about leaving an industry that I knew and loved for something totally new, but having that clear insight into Avanade’s values and how they actually treated employees was invaluable in getting me to make the jump. Since I joined, two and a half years ago, I’ve enjoyed the same things: a supportive work environment, leadership that supports me taking on new challenges to grow, support in a crisis, understanding when it comes to the needs of a working parent.

I know how important the endorsement of a trusted friend or former colleague can be when it comes to taking a new role. Now, when anyone whose work I admire or character I trust comes to me to tell me they’re looking for a change, I always comb through Avanade’s open jobs to see if there’s something that could be a fit for them here. Why wouldn’t I want everyone I love or respect to enjoy the same professional satisfaction that I do? My husband and I have both made multiple referrals in recent years for open Avanade roles, and just this summer, two people close to us have joined the company and told us how grateful they are to go orange.

For those who enjoy their work at Avanade, I encourage you to embrace the referral process too – you never know who needs that little push from a reliable source.

Corrine Long

Such a beautiful post Lauren. Thank you for referring  a rockstar for my team! I’m so grateful you introduced Samantha to Avanade. 🧡

August 25, 2021

Lauren Chval

I was so certain she would thrive on your team and can't tell you how delighted I am that it all worked out. Thank you for placing value on my referral! 

August 26, 2021

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