Tips for juggling working and schooling from home

  • Posted on July 15, 2021
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Tips for juggling working and schooling from home

“Focus” – a word I found myself repeating under my breath when I realized my mind drifting into a topic that was not marked in my calendar as the “topic-of-the-hour.” Going from full-time consultant to studying full-time while juggling a part-time consulting job can test your nerves at times, but it’s quite rewarding in the end. 

Some might say I am fortunate to have my studies start right when the pandemic hit. I get to study from home and work from home. Amazing, right? I can do everything from my room, I have no need to commute, and I can use the bathroom any time I want. I partially agree. Hybrid learning is great because I can participate in lectures within my regular work hours, and Avanade provides me with flexible work hours to keep up with my career. It has been amazing how flexible my work and university have been in both areas. 

I am lucky to work in an organization that allows me to re-educate myself while working on my career. Working flexible hours during my semesters has been perfect and allowed me to focus on completing my master’s degree. It is not easy though. I had to develop methods to help me stay focused and manage my own time most efficiently. A few things I learned that helped me with multitasking:

  1. Stay on top of your calendars: Remember to sync all your calendars. This helps you make sure you’re aware of everything that is going on in your school, work, and personal calendar. But also make sure you know what falls into what by color coding the calendars; it helps you visualize what is on your plate for the week instantly.
  2. Prioritize your tasks: Keep a to-do list that you update weekly, and don’t be afraid to mark some tasks as more important than others. I realized early on it’s OK to move something to tomorrow’s agenda if other things are more pressing.
  3. Communicate your schedule: Make sure everyone understands your availability. I quickly noticed that being online for a couple of hours each day could easily be interpreted as, “I am at work every day.” I created three days of the week for myself where anyone who needed me could be sure to reach me. 

This experience has helped me to grow and charter a path for the next phase of my career, but the experience has also reinforced that I’m a people person. Working and schooling from home has had its benefits, but I miss human contact and I’m looking forward to the next phase.


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