Annual Technopia event celebrates the magic of software

  • Posted on June 16, 2015


Every year the Avanade India Delivery Center (IDC) hosts a technical event called Technopia, which is a combination of two words: technology + utopia. It’s a series of activities made up of virtual and in-person events with a focus on our employees’ passion for technology. We refer to it a “season” since it consists of multiple events that run for an entire month and is concluded with a main event.

This year was our 8th season and it was led by Florin Rotar, Avanade’s chief technology innovation officer. Avanade IDC professionals had an opportunity to increase their technology knowledge and actively participate in several activities including innovation contests, architecture challenges, programming puzzles and quizzes. We had more than 4,600 Avanade professionals participate in this season’s events.

The most important guiding principle for Technopia is encouraging participation from everyone in IDC. I have been associated with Technopia for the last three years and it’s been an exciting journey. The most satisfying part of the event is getting employees from various delivery units participating and seeing their excitement around software development. We have seen a huge increase in employee participation over last few years and numbers are increasing every year.

This season concluded with 50 subject matter experts and architects attending the main event held on April 23-24. There was a big focus on niche technologies with sessions on cross-platform mobile development, digital marketing efforts, Internet of Things, hybrid cloud, DevOps and many more exciting sessions. It was a successful event and I am already excited for Technopia 2016!

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