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  • Posted on February 16, 2016

IT Talent

In the Netherlands we are always looking for junior talent to join the team and kick-start their career at Avanade. We have walked down many roads to get in touch with talent. Three years ago a new initiative started called ‘IT Talent Game’. Organized by an events company, the IT Talent Game attracts hundreds of students who register to participate by submitting their resume and taking part in organized activities to connect them with employers.

This year seven other companies participated in the IT Talent Game. We all had to review resumes and select 26 students who we wanted to meet. After the speed meets, we invited our IT Talent candidates to an in-house event where we could get to know them better and vice versa. After inspiring sessions about internet of things (IoT), mobility and analytics the IT Talent candidates had to work on a case. They were asked to come up with a business case for a cool start-up, using the inspiration they got from the sessions. After evaluating them on a variety of criteria: from the way they collaborated with their teams, their ideas and creativity to the presentation of the business case, we chose our #1 IT Talent 2016. A tough choice since all the participants are talented IT students.

On February 5, all the companies’ selected IT Talents got together during the IT Talent Game finals. The event took place at an indoor ski slope in The Hague, a very exciting venue. The IT Talents worked on two cases and an assessment in the form of a game. After the hard work we got to cool off on the ski slope. The companies were well represented by recruiters and hiring managers and we got to watch the presentations of the IT Talents and give feedback and appraisals. Based on these scores the ultimate IT Talent was selected. Avanade’s IT Talent was elected #5, and we couldn’t be more thrilled AND proud!

This is just one example of the innovative ways tech companies are reaching today’s talent communities.

Rakesh Gaur

IT Talent game bring out the best in the IT sector. These type of games help students to learn from each other.

February 21, 2016

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