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Women at Avanade

Raising family and smashing glass ceilings in IT: What it’s like to have a family and a career in tech

Posted by Elaine Vallance on February 8, 2022

Elaine Vallance shares her story of combining parenting with a career in technology and how every bit of support goes a long way in helping women thrive in tech.


Women at Avanade

How to improve gender parity in the finance world

Posted by Sonia Webb on September 30, 2020

Avanade Chief Financial Officer Sonia Webb discusses how the finance industry has improved gender parity and how it can continue to support women within the industry.


Women at Avanade

To the women in the room: Claim your successes

Posted by Stella Goulet on February 26, 2020

Avanade CMO Stella Goulet shares her experiences and advice to women leaders.


Women at Avanade

Innovative academy trains women for a future in tech

Posted by Sara Battistella on March 2, 2017

When someone asks me what I like most about my job, my answer is: making people happy. When I build strong relationships with our hiring managers, fully understand their needs and requirements, and successfully source and hire the right candidate for the right role - it is an unbeatable feeling! But, it’s not always that easy. The right candidate i...


Women at Avanade

Takeaways from my first Grace Hopper celebration

Posted by Kiley Surma on November 2, 2016

I don't consider myself a techie by any stretch of the imagination—but, the attendees of the world's largest women in technology conference sure made me wish I were one. This was my first time attending the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing in Houston, Texas, and the excitement of the conference left me optimistic for the future of wo...


Inclusion and Diversity

Double glass ceiling

Posted by Avanade News on July 8, 2016

This is a guest blog post written by Avanade alum, Vikki Leach and originally appeared in its entirety on the Women in Technology International blog. In this post I'm including commentary on Lord Browne's book, 'The Glass Closet'. He is the former CEO of BP whose his sexuality was publicly announced by his former partner in the UK media. I also ref...


Employee Stories

Life at Avanade with Megan Sibbald

Posted by Megan Sibbald on June 9, 2016

With such a broad spectrum of people, clients, projects, opportunities and challenges, it was an easy decision to come to Avanade. I was looking to work on cutting-edge projects with people who, like me, were excited about the impact we could make. I get this every day. My colleagues are spread far and wide around the globe, but we can still work a...


Corporate Citizenship

500 mentors & counting: changing the lives of women around the globe

Posted by Avanade News on January 14, 2016

This is a guest blog post written by Avanade alum, Vikki Leach. When Avanade announced its global charity partnership with The Aspire Foundation in September 2015, Dr Sam Collins, the CEO and founder, had over 500 mentees from charities and social organizations waiting for a corporate mentor. It was with this in mind that Avanade CEO, Adam Warby, s...


Events and Activities

Avanade to support women in tech at WITI Summit 2015

Posted by Avanade News on May 19, 2015

The following blog post was written by Avanade alum Mahnaz Javid. As I think about the many initiatives and programs we sponsor at Avanade, the one that most excites me is our investment in Diversity and Inclusion. We are fortunate to have leadership that wholeheartedly supports our efforts, especially our CEO Adam Warby, who has expressed his sinc...


Career Focus

Q&A with entrepreneur Jessica Chivers on work/life balance

Posted by Avanade News on April 24, 2015

Balancing motherhood or other caregiving roles with a professional career can sometimes feel like a juggling act. We asked Jessica Chivers, UK-based coaching psychologist and author, for her perspective on the topic. What is the single most important thing you do to achieve work/life balance? Jessica:I detest the phrase work-life balance as it sugg...


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