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Technology in Action

Reenergizing passion for innovation at !nnovateFest

Posted by Miranda Hill on May 10, 2022

Miranda Hill, Avanade's Global Innovation Lead, shares how we're cutting through the noise of business as usual with this year's !nnovateFest.


Career Focus

Career connect: The value of bringing your whole self to work

Posted by Lynette Seminara on March 7, 2019

Analytics consultant Lynette Seminara reflects on how being able to bring your whole self to work makes you a better employee.


Avanade Spotlight

The future of work with Dr. Kristine Dery

Posted by Adam Warby on May 17, 2018

Dr. Kristine Dery, research scientist at the MIT Center for Information Systems Research, shares rich insight on the future of work.


Avanade Spotlight

Adam Warby on the move with Maggie Philbin

Posted by Avanade News on April 11, 2017

Will humans be replaced by robots in the workplace? Maggie Philbin, TeenTech CEO and former presenter on the BBC's “Tomorrow's World” joins Avanade CEO Adam Warby on the move. In a world where technology is transforming virtually every aspect of work and life, it is easy to make the leap that humans will ultimately be squeezed out of t...


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