Digital transformation at Williams Martini Racing

  • Posted on May 14, 2015

The following is a guest post from Claire Pagano, IT Program Manager at Williams Martini Racing.

Four races into the F1 2015 season and we are starting to see where the key battles will take place throughout the year. Williams Martini Racing is determined to be a true contender, competing to the very end.

But this isn’t an ambition that the team holds for just one season. We are continually looking for new ways to push ourselves both on and off the track to drive success. That’s why our partnership with Avanade is so valuable. Technology is in a state of perpetual change which can lead to unpredictability. To remain competitive, we need to be constantly evolving so that we never get left behind our competitors. Avanade is helping us leverage digital technologies to continually transform our business and drive new innovations.

This year, for instance, we are moving from a spreadsheet database platform to a centralized system to create a more agile workplace that can grow with future technologies. It’s easy to forget how many people are involved in an F1 team, and allowing them all access to integrated data is vital in providing an effective way of working together.

But, this move is just the start. With Avanade, we have a list of 70 projects that we are keen to drive forward over the next three years. This includes everything from working with the Aerodynamics team to make scheduling quicker when using the wind tunnel to expanding our SharePoint platform across the business, so that all departments are working from the same page. These types of digital transformation projects help us increase efficiency throughout the organization to create a competitive edge on race day.

Working towards the future is crucial to winning now. By producing a workplace that is innovative, agile and exciting, we are seeing positive digital transformation results that will last for many seasons to come. Together with Avanade, we’re transforming the way we work. While Williams Martini Racing has always been one of the most innovative teams in Formula 1, we’re excited to continue to push the boundaries on and off the track!

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