F1 race season kicks off in australia with lotus f1 team and avanade

  • Posted on March 14, 2014

Lotus F1 Team at Australian Grand Prix

It’s been 110 days since the final race of the 2013 Formula 1 season in which Sebastian Vettle took his 4th World Championship and we are now just 2 days away from the start of a new and exciting 2014 season.  The teams are setting up in Albert Park, Melbourne for the first race of the new season and it’s like the first day of school term - new uniforms, new teachers, new class mates, but most of all, new rules.

Over the winter, Formula 1 teams have had to understand and adapt their technology and cars to a multitude of rule changes by the F1 committee, the most significant since 2009.  With new engine sizes, energy recovery systems, gear boxes, chassis and noses, it’s all to play for in 2014.

Avanade has been riding this change with Lotus F1 Team since our consultants joined the IS department in December 2012.  Knowing these changes were coming, the team have been working together to adapt, modify and create technology to support the Team on and off the track.  But it’s not just the rule changes that we are currently focused on.  When the FIA announced that drivers would be allowed to choose permanent numbers that can be carried over from season to season, it necessitated several changes to the technology and how data is processed.  Numbers will no longer be sequential when race strategists look at them. Because of the all the possibilities such as a sequence like 44, 8, 77, 1, 99, we have had to find a way to interpret this for Lotus F1 Team.

With all these changes set, Avanade kicked off its 2014 season this week in Sydney on where we invited Avanade staff to test their driving skills on the Lotus F1 Team simulator under the impressive back drop of the Sydney harbour bridge.  Michael Lak, Avanade Delivery Manager, got the best time of 1 minute and 54 seconds racing around the Melbourne circuit and won some great Lotus F1 Team goodies whilst Michael Clemente, IT Services Lead, got the top score in our quick-fire question competition.

This weekend, Avanade will host a number of its customers in the Lotus F1 Team paddock suite where they will watch the racing action unfold and be immersed in the high tech environment of Formula 1.

The 2014 season is a game changer for Formula 1 and we can’t wait to see how the Avanade partnership with Lotus F1 Team develops and supports their quest to be at the front of the grid throughout the season.


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