Inspiration meets innovation at Avanade Netherlands Inspire 2016 event

  • Posted on December 15, 2016

Inspire 2016

It’s hard to improve an event that’s been done well over and over again. But each year our team in the Netherlands raises the bar with our annual Inspire event – and 2016 was no different. On September 30th more than 250 Avanade employees and 50 clients and partners gathered to celebrate the latest in Microsoft technologies, hear inspiring speakers, and listen and learn from each other. After 8 years, Inspire has grown from an internal experience to a gathering where we welcome our clients, partners, new joiners, alumni and peers to share our passion for the Microsoft ecosystem.

This year’s Inspire featured two keynote speakers: our Global Microsoft Chief Technology Innovation Officer Amit Bahree and TEDx speaker Margaret Heffernan. Attendees had the chance to participate in four tracks with different sessions that included topics around our projects, new technology, and discussions expanding the scope of digitization. Last year we focused on all things digital and our global portfolio. This year we took it up a notch with the objective of creating dialogue on transformation and change—be it virtual, in real-life or both. This really showed in the main attraction of the day, the Microsoft HoloLens and HTC VIVE.

Inspire 1

The event is also a platform for us to share our passion for innovation. One of our goals for this year was to improve and make it easier to ask and receive feedback about what attendees liked and what we could do better. Instead of sending an evaluation form after the event to gather feedback from attendees the Inspire team built a DIY pillar with IoT-powered voting buttons for each room, which allowed session attendees to provide instant feedback on the presentations and discussions in which they had just participated.

For me, the success of Inspire is that it’s created by employees for employees and is centered around sharing and learning from each other to better serve our clients and make Avanade a great place to work. The technology world continues to change rapidly and this event showcases the best of our employees and how collectively we are shaping Avanade as the leading digital innovator. I am proud to be part of the Inspire team and can’t wait to explore new ideas for Avanade Inspire 2017!

Inspire 2

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