Chris McClean

As global lead for digital ethics at Avanade, Chris McClean drives the company’s internal responsible tech and responsible AI efforts, and he leads the company’s digital ethics advisory practice. Prior to Avanade, Chris was a research director and industry analyst at Forrester Research, leading the company’s analysis and advisory for risk management, compliance, corporate values, and ethics. He’s been a featured keynote speaker and subject matter expert for podcasts, live TV, and print media. Chris earned his Masters in Business Ethics and Compliance in 2010, and he’s currently a PhD student studying applied ethics with a focus on risk and trust relationships.


Data and analytics

DALL-E 2 is amazing, use it responsibly

Posted on August 26, 2022

DALL-E 2 is gaining traction and Open AI are opening the doors to more users, but what can DALL-E 2 do, what does it mean for businesses, and what should you be cautious of?


Software development

Ethical and productivity implications of intelligent code creation

Posted on March 2, 2021

Learn why intelligent code creation provides efficiency in your software development lifecycle and helps avoid ethical issues.


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