Digital marketing experts: Avanade’s 2020 Sitecore MVPs

  • Posted on February 4, 2020
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Digital marketing experts: Avanade’s 2020 Sitecore MVPs

Technology may be the enabler of great modern customer experiences, but it’s human knowledge and creativity that deserve all the credit. As we usher in a new decade of enterprise transformation fueled by mounting employee and customer experience expectations, the need for brands to use blended team skills across strategy, technology and design has never been more important.

Since talent is our most precious asset, I’m thrilled to announce that 12 Avanade team members are receiving the title of 2020 Sitecore MVP. 

How Sitecore MVPs make an impact
Sitecore MVPs, or Most Valuable Professionals, are recognized by Sitecore as the upper echelon of worldwide experts in terms of understanding, implementing, and evangelizing the Sitecore digital experience platform and its capabilities. 

Avanade’s Sitecore MVPs help our global clients tackle business problems while getting the maximum value out of their Sitecore investments. In their spare time, they share insights and learnings at industry events, actively contribute to community boards and write blogs, and organize and participate in local user groups. Enabling digital transformation with platforms like Sitecore requires passion, knowledge, and collaboration – and our MVPs exemplify all these qualities and more.

Congratulations to Avanade’s 2020 Sitecore MVPs:
  • Ben Morgan, Ambassador - United Kingdom
  • Chris Lowndes, Ambassador - Japan
  • David Moore, Strategy - United Kingdom
  • Eduardo Moraes, Ambassador - Canada
  • Jeroen De Groot, Technology – United States
  • Katsuyuki Ogura, Ambassador - Japan
  • Kosuke Takeda, Technology – Japan
  • Mohamed Nizarudeen, Technology - India
  • Norihide Tokuyama, Technology – Japan
  • Peter Procházka, Technology - Slovakia
  • Steven Ebrahimi, Ambassador – United States
  • Thomas Lin, Ambassador – United States
Investing in our people results in greater outcomes for brands
Do you recognize some of these names above? You might, since almost all of Avanade’s MVPs have earned this title over several years, and all have played critical roles in our clients’ successes. Our experts have helped brands like Subway, QBE, Merck, and more achieve great business outcomes and win industry awards. (Together with Accenture, we’ve helped clients worldwide improve their digital experiences and win 25 Sitecore awards.)

As Sitecore’s first Global Platinum Implementation Partner, Avanade recognizes the long-term value of supporting our people use Sitecore and complementary technologies to create and enable better experiences for our clients and their end customers. Through our worldwide CX practice we’ve listened to our clients and identified their pain points, ensuring our Sitecore technology capabilities will help alleviate those challenges with effective and sustainable solutions. For instance, we’ve set up a Headless CMS delivery center to help clients progress their omnichannel strategy. To help modernize digital experiences and stabilize infrastructure, we help our clients accelerate their journey to the cloud with Cloud Builder. We’re also helping brand marketers prevent “content crisis burnout” with services and solutions that take full advantage of Sitecore Content Hub™. And we’ll continue to evolve so that we can help our clients become future ready now.

Meet our Sitecore experts
Ready to take hold of your customer experience to see a greater return on your digital marketing investment?  Check out our digital marketing services and be sure to meet some of our experts live at Sitecore Experience Europe in London on 4 March, 2020.

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