My top-6 lessons learned at Sitecore Symposium 2022

  • Posted on November 3, 2022
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Avanade’s 6 lessons from Sitecore Symposium 2022

From October 17-20, 2022, I had the pleasure to attend Sitecore Symposium 2022 in Chicago. There was so much learn in just a few days as well as attending sessions with our main customers, being at the Avanade/Accenture stand and connecting with Sitecore colleagues.

From my perspective, following are the top-6 items that made this year’s Sitecore Symposium truly great:

  1. Overall Sitecore vision, being a fully composable solution that allows our customers to finally be able to implement a progressive digital transformation plan without having to replace the full technology stack. Digital expectations from most companies are higher than ever and connecting to a composable future is a requisite demand. The composable, full SaaS, headless approach is the way to go and Sitecore is now in the best position to offer a full SaaS solution to customers to help them react and respond to the exponential changes that are occurring in business today.

  2. Steve Tzikakis, Sitecore CEO, announced the Accenture/Sitecore partnership to conference-goers, acknowledging Avanade’s role in developing solutions, strategy and delivery as a part of our Avanade/Accenture alliance. Accenture’s new partnership with Sitecore will give the Avanade Global Sitecore Platform group – led by Ben Morgan – the opportunity to drive more customers to digital transformation success using Sitecore composable technology. For over 10 years, Avanade has delivered success solutions for customers using Sitecore technology. Our experienced delivery centers around the world will play a crucial role in the success of the Accenture/Sitecore Partnership.

  3. Sitecore Search: Sitecore Search was the missing piece to XM Cloud and together with the XM Cloud roadmap will fill the gap in current XP implementations. I am looking forward to getting my hands on this new Sitecore Search implementation after spending so much time with Solr customization on previous projects.

  4. Sitecore Connect: Learning about the new Sitecore Connect drag and drop tool for integration was clearly one of the most innovative and informative aspects of new and upcoming technology from Sitecore. I am eager to learn more about Sitecore Connect and to trial what looks like very promising technology. I suspect my colleagues will want to learn more and become proficient in Sitecore Connect as well.

  5. Content Hub One: As a lead for the Digital Marketing offering in Italy, I know how mid-tier companies struggle to find the right product to start their digital transformation when they have a limited budget. Content Hub One could be the ideal product for them as it provides a way for non-enterprise businesses to begin their digital transformation journey with a pure content management platform, enabling them to change their company’s marketing technology stack.

  6. XM Cloud: Sitecore’s new XM Cloud was one of the best surprises at Symposium. Sitecore XM Cloud is a new solution offering fast implementation time and fast time to market for our customers. The added features and details, implementation roadmap and discussions with Sitecore project specialists demonstrated how we can provide our customers with reduced time to implementation. XM Cloud will surely be one of the main solutions to help customers grow fast in the digital marketing world.

We are so excited to get started with these new features and technologies from Sitecore and to create a successful (and fast!) digital transformation for our customers. With the new and improved tools and technologies now available, we look forward to helping our customers build successful digital marketing programs and platforms built for the future.

Visit our Sitecore Technologies page for more information on industry and technology solutions using the Sitecore platform, or to schedule a confidential, one-to-one conversation.

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