The history of automation migration at Avanade

  • Posted on June 20, 2022
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You will find it very difficult here at Avanade to find any solution to a client challenge that is not deeply rooted in Microsoft, after all we exist today due to their foresight, products, and partnership with Accenture. However, until recently that was not the case for Intelligent Automation (IA) and more importantly Desktop Automation.

Since 2015, the Avanade IA Offering and solutions to a client’s automation needs have turned and very much successfully to our other partners, the likes of Blue Prism, Ui Path and to a lesser extent Automation Anywhere, formed the foundation of our client solutions. Whilst all solidly grounded to the Microsoft ecosystem, built on .Net, installed on Azure infrastructure as a service leveraging SQL, Active Directory etc. it was not typical Avanade & Microsoft patterns. As recently as 2021, this picture would have changed very little.

Fast forward to today and you would be hard pushed to recognize the Avanade IA Offering, centered on Microsoft technology using Microsoft Power Automate, blurring the boundaries between Desktop Automation and Intelligence and helping clients seamlessly transition between their existing platforms and the new Microsoft Power Automate.

So how did Avanade transform its IA Offering and establish itself as the Power Automate and Migration…. excuse the pun “power house” it is today? Trusted by clients globally to help them switch and scale with Microsoft?

It starts with our unique relationship with Microsoft, intimate and early knowledge of Power Automate helped us solve for the challenges so our clients do not need to.

As early as Fall 2020, the IA Center of Excellence at Avanade had early sight of what we all know today as Power Automate and the immense benefits it would bring as an integrated Microsoft product. So, when Microsoft’s product team reached out to help them understand how to solve for large scale client adoption, Avanade’s’ creative minds engaged, and the journey thus began.

The objective: help clients who also understood the strategic value and benefits of moving their automations to Microsoft, lowering the cost to switch, and expediting unlocking that value.

By January 2021, Avanade had delivered a white paper on migration, delivered a private preview of a product to process the transformation of code and begun creating a factory in anticipation of migrating our clients. Both of which were employed in the FIRST Microsoft Power Automate Migration.

As the summer of 2021 arrived, Avanade and Blueprint Systems formed an exclusive partnership bringing together both their migration product and our service expertise for clients to leverage. Blueprint developed their platform to cater for higher throughput of code and expanding the legacy platforms which could be migrated to Power Automate. Avanade focused on creating the migration factory that could operate the Blueprint platform, successfully migrate clients’ automations faster, cheaper, and creating patterns for client adoption.

Today, Avanade is helping clients globally migrate and adopt the Power Automate Platform at Scale!

We make the migration journey simple for our clients, empowering them to understand, plan and prepare to execute their migration in weeks, and execute faster, cheaper, and precisely using our purpose-built migration factory.

Automation Migration Journey

Powered by our exclusive partnership with Blueprint Systems, we can comprehensively understand and estimate each process in a client’s automation estate, providing a safe, accurate and dependable plan from which to execute.

Automation Migration Analytics

Our methodology allows us to help you make the right decisions for achieving your migration, extracting value rapidly and in experienced hands.

Automation Migration Decisions

When you are ready to execute, we rapidly transform your migration into a statement of work and mobilize in weeks, bringing your journey to life.

Automation Migration Estimates

To find out more about our journey and how we can help with yours, contact me or leave a comment below.

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