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Welcome to the Avanade Poland Digital Innovation Studio, where the best in creative and technology mix it up to push the boundaries of innovation. We're a dynamic, big-idea-dreaming, mishmash of designers, UX architects, technologists, delivery experts, writers, and more, who, when brought together, build transformative digital experiences for some of the biggest and the best brands on the planet. Sound like a place you wouldn't mind hanging your hat? Great, keep reading.

Avanade Poland digital innovation studio

The world's leading digital innovator

We believe in making a genuine human impact in everything we do. We set out with our clients to transform their businesses, uncover ways technology can improve the way we work and live, and change the world for the better. All this through the power of our people and cutting-edge Microsoft technology.

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Our Poland office started in 2011 with just a few local consultants under Infusion brand. In 2017 Infusion was acquired by Avanade and over time, we grew to more than 200 talented technologists, creatives, consultants, change makers, and more, coming from around the world. Right now, we are a diverse community and proud of our culture that welcomes every individual.

Our both Poland locations - Kraków and Wrocław offer access to incredible clients from Europe and North America. Here, you will also have access to unparalleled training and Microsoft certifications, and an exciting career path whether you’re just starting out or you have decades of experience under your belt.

The work we do with clients

We are breathing fresh life into organizations and charities to help them navigate and thrive in the digital world. Whether it’s web or mobile, cross-platform or cloud solution, we’re here to help. We’re exploring how the latest technology can improve healthcare, education, retail, financial services, automotive, oil and gas, technology, wellbeing, travel, communications - almost every aspect of our lives.

We're working to create positive change in the world around us every day. You can too.

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Your career

Avanade careers

There’s no place like Avanade.
If you’re a self-starter, an optimist and someone who likes to get things done, you’ll fit right in at Avanade.

People who thrive here are motivated, interested in learning and genuinely have a desire to be the best at what they do. If that’s sounds like you, you sound good to us.

In return, you’ll have access to the latest Microsoft technologies, mobile native languages, and open source technologies, partnering with some of the biggest and best companies across the world and some seriously smart people to work with to make career-defining things happen.

If you want to get even better at what you do and transform businesses from the inside out, there’s no better place.


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After validating your resume and confirming that you are the person we’re looking for, you get to experience first-hand how Avanade life looks like in Poland. Meet some future colleagues during a face-to-face meeting in the interviewing process and ask us anything you want to know about our culture, the work we do and our people.

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