Avanade improved customer experience by consolidating Alpitour's web channels

Business Situation

Alpitour's main objective was to improve its website www.alpitourworld.com so customers can enjoy an even more comprehensive and satisfying experience. The company also wished to simplify channel maintenance, speed up response times and be able to continue to expand its range of products and services. The needs and expectations of users have changed radically over the years, so Alpitour Group strongly felt that an innovative approach to its customers was needed. This involved improving the customer experience on all the group's other interfaces (Bravo, Karambola and Francorosso) so the user experience would be the same on all the group's portals.


Alpitour Case Study

"The company has started a very important innovation process over the last two years. To achieve this, it has selected the best partners, such as Avanade, with whom it is continuing to collaborate in a number of directions. This work aims to make customers' user experience ever more interesting and effective, through the capabilities of technology, while still working alongside travel agencies, our company's strategic partners."

Gabriele Burgio Chairman and CEO of Alpitour.


Avanade created a platform that allows all the channels to communicate with each other effectively, which offers users freedom of choice and action. To develop the new website www.alpitourworld.com, Avanade used a major content management system, which was needed to organize all the information on the group's various sites in a consistent and operational manner.


As a result of the Alpitour Group's successful collaboration with Avanade, it can now offer its customers a full range of functionalities and services that support choices about travel through a high-quality and easy-to-use portal that is able to meet all user requirements. Customers can now browse the website very easily and response times are much shorter thanks to the Cloud, which optimizes them.

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