Achieving what matters

AQA is the UK’s largest provider of academic qualifications taught in schools and colleges. The organization’s new, end-to-end platform is delivering accurate, reliable and on-time exam results to provide students with the insights they need to help move on to the next stage in their working or educational lives.

    "We have a world-leading system in processing exams. So, there’s an immense sense of pride for what we’ve done together. All students have an opportunity to get their results, and that’s due to this beautiful system that we’ve co-created together."

    Alice deAroujo Nexus Transition Director, AQA

    Inspiring change

    Core to AQA’s business is ensuring students get the right results in the right way. Within just a few weeks each year, a team of more than 38,000 people scan millions of exam papers. Given there are major security, logistics and pace considerations to this job, AQA needed a stronger underlying platform to support its processes. This allows the company to better support students at crucial points in their academic careers – a cause that matters deeply to people and their communities.

    Driving innovation

    To help with the shift in technologies, AQA turned to us, and together we created Nexus – an internal processing system hosted on Microsoft Azure. This gives the organization the resilience and security it needs to ensure accurate results are delivered to students. Additionally, our Manage and Evolve service drives value by maintaining core platform performance and offering the flexibility to quickly scale based on new business needs.


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