AstraZeneca refreshes website enhancing communications, brand presence and recruitment process

Business Situation

The Strategy and Development Department of AstraZeneca France Department wanted to refresh its corporate Internet site so that it could interact efficiently with customers (general public, patients, press, future employees). They needed a design and implementation which allowed them to:
  • Administer announcements for the Internet users or press users,
  • Manage of Human Resources relations with the Internet users.
It was also critical that the site was delivered in a very short time and in a way which incorporates a migration path to the .NET environment as AstraZeneca adopts that platform in the future.


Avanade designed a large part of the application using .NET technology leveraging its ACA.NET asset in order to reduce development time and meet the project deadline. This ensured that the application would not have to be rewritten when it was migrated to the .NET platform.
  • An “http grabber” was developed to translate ASP.NET pages to html static pages.
  • Content Management and Back Office were developed using .NET.
  • The remainder of the application consisted of a number of regular ASP pages designed in an object oriented manner.
The team used ASP.NET and SQL Server 2000 in building the solution.


  • Better and more timely communication with customers and partners.
  • Increased AstraZeneca Brand presence on the Internet
  • Improved recruitment process

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