Avanade’s digital assistant helps transform the employee experience and drive engagement

Business Situation

As digital innovators working with leading-edge technologies, Avanade uses bots to help acquire information, automate tasks and boost productivity in the workplace. Employees found the solutions to be varied, siloed and not always accessible – and had to sometimes visit as many as 12 disparate systems and portals to find the right information. On average, fewer than 50 users worldwide previously used each bot. To help solve some of these workplace frustrations, Avanade wanted to create a corporate bot that would be used by employees across the company.

“What I like most about AiDA is that it’s a single place to get information relevant to my job. It knows me – authenticates my profile so it’s easier do my job. And I like that the Bot Center is constantly extending where AiDA goes, adding more services so that when I log back in, it shows me what more I can do with data that’s relevant to me.”

Jaywant Rao Business Development Executive, Avanade


Avanade’s Information Technology Services designed the Bot Center Program to unify the company’s bots into one central bot with multiple skills. Using agile methodology and continuous development, Avanade’s Intelligent Digital Assistant, known as AiDA, operates on the Microsoft AI platform and features:

  • A crowdsourcing framework that encourages employees to design, develop and publish bot skills
  • A skills hub where employees can personalize their individual experiences with the bot
  • An AI assets repository with shared resources on AI and bots, which can also be leveraged to inform and accelerate a client’s intelligent enterprise journey

The centralized bot program ensures that all bots are secure, brand compliant and readily available across the enterprise in various channels.


With a quick inquiry to a single bot, employees can get immediate access to information and complete tasks more efficiently, helping to improve their productivity. Avanade’s clients also benefit from the lessons learned and cutting-edge expertise Avanade acquired, saving weeks and even months as they embark on their own intelligent enterprise journeys and realizing cost savings in the process.

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