Avanade’s integrated digital marketing strategy drives a 66% lead conversion rate

Business Situation

When Avanade launched its new marketing vision and strategy, its plan was to improve the client experience, integrate multiple touch points and make its marketing team more effective. It first needed to move away from multiple ad hoc, manually executed marketing campaigns in favor of fewer, more robust campaigns with a more centralized management approach. To effectively track and manage leads, Avanade also needed a better reporting system. Achieving these goals would require a new strategy, tools, technology and processes.

“An effective digital marketing strategy is critical to business success, and today, that entails creating a seamless, engaging client experience across an expanding digital landscape.”

Stella Goulet Chief Marketing Officer at Avanade


Using Marketo, Sitecore and Microsoft Dynamics 365, Avanade developed an integrated, multichannel campaign execution and lead management platform. Its two main components are marketing automation and analytics and insights.

The solution integrates all of the company’s marketing systems and technologies, including paid search, SEO, segmentation and lead enrichment, content and collaboration tools. This enhanced environment gives Avanade the ability to engage with its existing and potential clients in the most meaningful and relevant manner.


Avanade’s new marketing approach provides both qualitative and quantitative benefits:

  • A comprehensive content engagement framework that ensures relevant content and messaging are communicated to the right audiences
  • Enriched client experiences that reduce search times and irrelevant or repetitive communications
  • 53% reduction in end-to-end manual processes and content loading
  • 28% increase in marketing-qualified leads generated via the company website’s “Contact Us” page
  • 66% conversion rate of marketing-qualified leads to sales-accepted leads
  • 300% increase in sales influenced from client interactions on Avanade’s website

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