Avanade uses agile to accelerate its digital and business transformation

Business Situation

Avanade understood that it’s never easy to implement major changes in a large organization. When it launched a change initiative for its business vision and strategy, it wanted an approach that ensures the work gets done – not just talked about. Its traditional methods relied on monthly steering meetings that tended to be high level and did not generally focus on execution. Given the scope and speed of the change required for the new initiative to succeed, it wanted a framework that could help its teams better collaborate in order to drive this shift. An agile approach was the logical choice.

“The Nexus framework that Avanade adopted enabled us to execute our strategy faster and more effectively than if we had followed a more traditional implementation methodology.”

Bernie Neville Global Business Management Lead, Avanade


Because of the flexibility needed for a complex project, Avanade chose Scrum for its agile framework. This approach evolved to use the Nexus framework, allowing the teams to come together, share work, and manage and minimize dependencies. The Nexus at Avanade developed into a Nexus+ because there were multiple autonomous Nexuses working together. Nexus+ uses the same events as Scrum, including Sprint Planning meetings, Sprint Reviews and Sprint Retrospectives, which were used by teams to move their work forward.


Since implementing the Nexus+, the teams have developed over 130 features, delivered nearly 1,000 work items and completed 16 Sprints. The results of the Nexus+ approach spanned the business, including creating enhanced guidance for solutioning deals with clients and building a more client-centric culture by introducing more responsive tools for capturing client feedback.

In addition, Avanade realized the following results, which are helping the company achieve a “workplace experience transformation”:

  • A modern, intelligent intranet site
  • A new internal career portal
  • An annual Innovation Summit
  • A simplified workplace experience through improved self-service tools and insights

The Nexus+ approach has also helped Avanade become a more agile enterprise, which is now better positioned to help its clients deliver products to market more quickly, gaining greater value and improved customer satisfaction.

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