More than 200,000 Azul Linhas Aéreas (Azul) customers every month are getting an improved and accelerated service experience by using Céu, the airline’s chatbot, built using artificial intelligence, natural language and a scalable framework. The solution features a human-like conversational tone, coupled with the ability to consult, analyze and compare data to offer answers. Customer wait times have been reduced to nearly zero, retention rates have increased and employees responding to inquiries can do so more efficiently.

"Azul's Chatbot project began as a pilot, in which we tested service, tone of voice and the ability to bring the best to our customers. Today, in partnership with Avanade, we are able to add platforms and serve, in a standardized and natural way, more than 200,000 users per month, with a retention of 67%. This allows us to further invest in the quality of our services and leverage the satisfaction of Azul's customers."

Felipe Starling CIO, Azul Linhas Aéreas

Exploring new customer service solutions

Brazilian airline Azul continuously seeks innovative ways to enhance its call center services. Prior to launching the chatbot, customer service was delivered through live online chat, which generated a large queue and long wait times to connect with a customer service attendant. Azul leaders believed that productivity could be improved using asynchronous channels and launched a project to test the hypothesis.

AI innovation takes flight

Using accelerators based on artificial intelligence, Azul partnered with Avanade to create Céu, a chatbot that allows for agile, natural interactions with customers. Céu can answer the most frequently asked questions and perform the most usual self-services, such as checking in, making flight changes and viewing flight status.

Céu is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week across several channels, including the Azul app, the airline’s website and through WhatsApp. Solution benefits include:

  • Greater customized service, which has increased satisfaction and boosted the airline’s retention rate to 67%.
  • Increased revenue generation now that customers can use an integrated form to pay for travel insurance, seat selection and luggage fees.
  • Accelerated operational efficiency, which facilitates greater response agility, particularly since Azul’s attendants can serve multiple customers from the same interface.
  • Reduced number of attendants needed, allowing for greater efficiency and optimization for employees who respond to customer inquiries.

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