BI migrates from Lotus Notes to Office 365 to reduce costs and collaborate more efficiently


The new collaboration platform has been very well received by the employees, and has given BI several advantages:

More cost efficient operations
Having a single common platform, running in the cloud, has dramatically reduced the cost of operation.

New ways to collaborate
Having multiple locations and a lot of collaboration with external parties, the O365 platform contributes to improved collaboration and ways to share and to meet virtually, also reducing the need for travel.

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Business Situation

BI Norwegian Business School (Norwegian: Handelshøyskolen BI) is the largest business school in Norway and the second largest in Europe. The institution has close to 1000 employees, consisting of academic staff and administrative staff, and 20,000 students.

While the students were already using Office 365, the employees used Lotus Notes. BI wanted to migrate their employees to Office 365 in order to reduce costs and leverage new ways of collaboration.


Avanade brought deep experience with Microsoft technology to the project and did comprehensive preparations by scanning and analyzing the existing Lotus Notes environment before migrating all employees’ e-mail to Office 365.

In addition, Avanade installed and configured a starter kit to accelerate the provisioning of team sites and provide better governance of the Office 365 collaboration platform. 

A key success factor was to approach the whole project as a change management project with focus on information sharing and status updates. As all the employees were affected, the users have been informed through meetings, notifications, and intranet articles.

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