Achieving what matters

Carlsberg employees can make better data-driven decisions, improving customer experiences now and into the future, with the help of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service. This is boosting visibility into technician activities across key markets, increasing efficiency and profitability.

“This change goes through the entire organization for technical service, so the team leaders will have more information about how they do their jobs and how we can improve that to drive for a better quality [beer] in the future.

Matthias Suter Head of Support Technical Service Switzerland, Carlsberg

Inspiring change

Carlsberg is currently the sixth-largest brewery globally by revenue, employing around 41,000 people. Amid a business transformation, the company identified challenges with outdated technology, specifically in the technical services area. To provide the high-caliber services that its customers expect, Carlsberg needed a new system with a foundation for improving efficiency and customer experiences across its markets, powered by data transparency.

Driving innovation

Carlsberg needed full transparency into where technicians are and what they’re doing for allocating the right resources to the risk tasks and using its workforce more efficiently. The company partnered with Accenture and Avanade – a joint venture between Accenture and Microsoft – to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service, achieving tangible benefits within weeks. Team leads have real-time visibility into technician activities and sales have increased by 7.5%, proving that the solution is driving growth and profitability while creating closer customer relationships.

Accelerate your digital transformation with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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