Leading consumer goods company builds responsive collaboration platform

Business Situation

This global consumer goods manufacturer sought to drive collaboration and increase speed to market across 100,000 workers—at least 60 percent of them knowledge workers—located in countries around the world, despite existing silos. To reduce costs and increase productivity, the company sought a global collaborative solution.

Because the organization serves more than 150 markets across the globe, collaboration was vital to improving performance. But connecting workers across geographies, cultures and languages proved challenging. Current processes were siloed. The company’s existing Microsoft SharePoint 2007 sites had sprung up independently, without a unifying strategy. Workers shared content via e-mail, and did not collaborate within socially connected sites.

Consumer Goods Company

Case Study: Consumer Goods Company – Collaboration


A new intranet platform, built on SharePoint 2013 was completed and rolled out to a set of 20,000 “first adopters” within the company’s IT area. The full rollout is under way with a series of weekly geography-based waves.

The dashboard component has been rolled out to some 70,000 knowledge workers and roughly 150 dashboard sites have been developed, supporting business units, geographic teams and product-based teams. Each offers tabs to organize content, capturing results, processes and tools, library-based content, sub-team content and organizational details. Business dashboard sites are pre-loaded into the new enterprise home page based on a person’s user profile. Accenture offshore resources support dashboard sites by providing curated and updated content to populate them on an ongoing basis.

As the new enterprise portal rolls out, it is being personalized—again based on user profiles—to offer the appropriate dashboard-, geographic- and business-based content. Meeting a key goal, organizational news is being delivered on the landing page, with some 24,000 users already accessing the news content. The page intuitively links to communities and dashboard sites, and provides opportunities for customization via a “favorites” link and a “my content” link.


Avanade is delivering:
  • A new intranet platform built on SharePoint 2013, currently rolled out to 20,000 early adopters
  • Some 150 dashboard sites with tabs to organize content, capturing results, processes and tools, library-based content, sub-team content and organizational details
  • Offshore support that provides curated and updated content for the new dashboard on an ongoing basis

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