Science-backed data for greener, more sustainable future

Responsible businesses need reliable, easily-sourced data to make ethical decisions that protect the environment and their investments. In Australia, they rely on the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), a government agency with expertise in climate research, data science and modeling. Using the agency’s resources, businesses can better understand climate change impacts and manage and mitigate their climate risks.

“We realized we had to pivot from the perspective of a monolithic science organization with 100 years of doing things the old way to take a client-centered view.”

David Newth CIP Product Owner, CSIRO

Accelerating development time and data delivery

Historically, CSIRO’s solution development models had long delivery cycles. Since relevant data was across disparate sources and required expert analysis, it took employees months to manually compile data for clients. Using an agile methodology, we helped the agency significantly shrink its solution development time with the creation of the first-of-its-kind enterprise Climate Intelligence Platform (CIP). Every feature of this platform – built on Microsoft Azure – was underpinned by market research and improved by feedback. Key components include:

  • Geospatial and time series data visualization to inform responses to climate change
  • Agriculture, stress, heat, flood and fire data products and services for climate risk education
  • New product development and launch functionalities for quick deployment of climate change solutions
  • Custom emissions scenarios to comply with new and pending regulations

Reliable, easily sourced data for ethical environmental protection

With the implementation of CIP, clients are now getting valuable data and insights in a matter of minutes or hours. For instance, in the assessment of a flood hazard zone, insurers can determine reconstruction estimates, rapidly quantifying the economic value at risk in a model. Geospatial data supplements multiple layers of climate and economic data that’s factored into CISRO’s mitigation advice.

CIP has far-reaching benefits for a wide range of businesses, from the tourism industry wanting to evaluate climate-related sea levels and snowfalls for beach and ski destinations, to construction companies sourcing raw materials that can withstand extreme temperatures. This solution can help clients better manage impacts and risks of climate change and identify opportunities to adapt and transform.

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