Eclosia Group unifies data from 35 companies to promote quality assurance

Business Situation

Eclosia, a food processing, distribution and marketing group, is a major player in the Mauritian economy. But many of its subsidiaries operated separately with its own tools, processes and working methods. With no shared, common financial system and about 20 different operating systems, employees experienced unnecessary complications and delays in delivering services and products to its business customers. To maintain its leading industry position, Eclosia’s leadership wanted greater visibility into and quality control over all products and services. The company needed standard business processes in order to analyze its data.


After delivering an enterprise resource planning (ERP) envisioning and consulting study on the use of Microsoft technologies, Avanade was chosen to help the group with its transformation journey. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations on-premises was the platform of choice. We started with a common design and then rolled out the solution to Eclosia’s companies with increasing complexity. With one IT infrastructure and database for all subsidiaries, the company replaced its costly, multiple systems with a platform that gives employees a single tool with a common finance language and a familiar way of working. As a result, employees now have access to shared master data and a shared services center across the group’s 35 companies for standard product codes, supplier lists, vendor prices, codes and utilization rules.


With a single view of its data and greater automation and mobility, Eclosia employees can deliver a more consistent and higher quality customer service. At the same time, Eclosia’s business customers can rest assured that they get reliable services and quality products to pass onto their customers. As it continues to grow, having a future-ready ERP tool and standard business processes will help Eclosia deploy new activities and product lines. Its data is now a strategic asset that can infuse intelligence across business process, so employees can focus on driving business value and satisfying customers.

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