FERTIG Motors GmbH is proud of its German heritage and prouder still to build electric motors in Germany. Employees can now use purchasing, accounting, order and process control functions for consistent, quality-optimized production thanks to Microsoft Dynamics 365, making it possible to provide a high standard of customer service.

“We are proud of the fact that we were able to enter receipts on that very first day. We were able to write invoices, continue with production and send out new orders. It was possible for us to fully implement this system completely on time.”

Mathias Wagner Commercial Manager, FERTIG Motors

Business situation

FERTIG Motors wanted greater fluidity across independent workflows from orders to manufacturing and delivery. Employees needed an updated ERP system so they could control processes with ease. Since the organization’s aging Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 solution was losing support, Microsoft Dynamics 365 was identified as a replacement.


Together, we redesigned processes from order capture to production planning and product delivery, which integrate with Dynamics 365. We deployed Microsoft Power Apps for additional streamlining. This allows plant management workflows to be brought together – a company first.

With images dynamically generated from data in the production order, employees see which manufacturing activities are required and the steps to complete them. This eliminates manual efforts to find relevant work instructions.

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