Electronics company supports strategy shift with digital workplace – and customer retention climbs

Business Situation

This global electronics company is making a global shift from a manufacturer and distributor of imaging systems to a provider of imaging services and solutions. This requires greater insight into its customers—insight that a disparate set of CRM systems was never designed to provide. The company turned to Avanade for a solution that brings the right information to the right employee at the right time, helping them to delight its customers with better service and support. It’s part of a digital workplace transformation at the company that has already cut the time to find data by 94% and increased sales forecast accuracy to 96%.


The executives wanted to provide sales and marketing staff with unprecedented levels of customer information. And they wanted to provide it in a variety of ways, tailored to the needs of specific groups of employees. They see their efforts in CRM as the first phase of a much broader project. They envision creating a digital workplace that brings together social, mobile, cloud and analytics technologies to spur productivity, reduce costs and speed innovation.

To implement its CRM project the company partnered with Avanade. At the heart of the CRM solution is Avanade’s implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which replaces the patchwork of systems that the client’s European operations formerly used.

But far from being a generic implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the solution includes a range of dashboards tailored for role, industry, location and task. These dashboards provide intelligent context, delivering exactly the information—and only the information—that users need for optimal productivity. Key dashboards are used by:

  • Call center agents, showing their performance on leads and calls per age
  • Call center team lead, showing revenue per agent and forecasts on generated opportunities
  • Sales manager, showing current pipeline, statistics on team performance, win rates, and information on customers’ contract status
  • Marketing managers, showing campaign success and responses for events Dashboards also provide:
    • Account segmentation data, to identify and focus on high-value customers
    • Lead-generation data, to identify competitors’ machines as potential replacement candidates, and to identify further opportunities with existing customers
    • Territory management data for automated allocation of sales employees based on regions
    • Customer satisfaction data, including information on service cases, machine usage and activity tracking


Reduces data time by 94% - This has resulted in a big savings of sales staff time that’s no longer spent chasing data, and that can be reinvested in generating revenue. The client estimates that sales reps now each spend just 15 minutes per week to get the data they need — down from the four and a half hours per week they formerly spent, a savings of 94%.

Forecast accuracy up to 96% - Beyond faster and easier access to data, they have access to better data — especially more accurate predictive analytics. Forecasts are now up to 96% accurate, enabling the company to seize opportunities more quickly and successfully.

Boosts customer retention - By gaining greater insight into customer needs and gaining more time to respond to and even anticipate those needs, the company’s sales force is more successful at what it does.

"The success of the CRM system shows us that a digital workplace is a tremendous asset. It’s an asset we plan to expand to more of our global operations."

Manager, IT CRM Europe

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