Globo adopts a strategy to consolidate Microsoft vendors with Avanade


Expected Results:
  • 25% reduction in number of incidents in three years
  • Consolidation of more than 10 vendors
  • Knowledge transfer of 11 vendors in 2 states in a 45-day period for Avanade
  • Increase in the volume of Root Cause Solution by 30% in one year
  • Simplification of the Services Governance model through KPIs and SLAs

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Business Situation

A significant portion of Globo TV network’s revenue from sales has been supported by Microsoft platforms in two different locations and managed by more than 10 vendors. Through a study conducted by Avanade's consulting team, it was identified that the consolidation of vendors would provide efficiency, maturity and economic gains for the company’s operations.

Management of multiple vendors with different models for delivery, quality and maturity, represents elevated complexity and operating risks for the business. Globo sought to obtain greater visibility of its operations while reducing operational risks, and to obtain gains in time efficiency consolidating its relationship with a single vendor: Avanade.


Avanade's Managed Services team used a proprietary methodology for Support and Maintenance of Improvements for the Microsoft SharePoint and Dynamics CRM environments.

The first challenge was to ensure a smooth and seamless transition in a way that allowed for the transfer of knowledge of multiple vendors to a single space, in a relatively short period of less than 60 days.

Avanade's Managed Services addressed this challenge with its unique market asset called SharePoint X-Ray and CRM X-Ray, which allowed for the creation of a reliable, precise, and safe knowledge transfer map.

Through our approach, it will be possible to deliver gains in efficiency of approximately 25% in the operations and in new projects, in three years, as a result of optimization and consolidation of the quality with focus on definitively solving incidents, rather than workarounds.

Avanade’s management unification and quality standardization model will be structured with the transparency of our indicators, which will be visible through dashboards, using exclusive assets from Avanade. The solution would not be complete without accelerating the delivery of continuously evolving improvements, reducing Time-To-Market from six weeks to two weeks through the use of the Avanade Agile Framework.

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