Colleagues at GLP – a leading global investment manager – are now empowered with new ways of working. By standardizing digital processes, they can spend more time analyzing and understanding information to create value for clients rather than collating data. Colleagues can expedite automated reporting, while documents can be built in hours rather than days. Overall, this is boosting their efficiency and workplace satisfaction.

“To scale, we needed to be far more agile as a business. We used the Microsoft platform from a cloud perspective, but we also started to embed ways of working that would allow us to grow while still retaining a sense of community and collaboration across our growing teams.”

Robin Johns Director of Business Technology, GLP Europe

Business Situation

GLP is committed to making investments in businesses and technologies that make the world run more efficiently. After years of rapid growth, the company began looking to double or triple its investments and offer new assets. Colleagues needed a robust and stable technology platform to support investor and customer queries with accurate, real-time data. Leaders knew that a move to the Microsoft ecosystem could eliminate manual processes and data inconsistencies.


Now, colleagues have:

  • A Microsoft Power Apps program so building managers can get accurate, automated reporting from Power BI
  • Automated Power BI calculations for monthly metrics and rate changes to reduce time, effort and errors
  • A Power Apps database for key property value metrics and a Power BI model to compare assets
  • Additional features on Microsoft Teams and Microsoft SharePoint

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