HARTMANN employees welcome the social enterprise and new collaboration tools

Business Situation

HARTMANN, one of the world's leading providers of medical and hygiene products, is in the midst of a major cultural change, transforming the way employees collaborate and work in the digital world.

Due to HARTMANN’s legacy intranet, which offered outdated user experiences and content, country organizations began to build their own intranets, making collaboration across national borders difficult.

"Everything from corporate communications to collaboration on projects is shifting away from email. If we have something for the team to communicate or share, it’s starting to take place on Yammer instead.”

Tina Grosse Global Manager Internal Communication, HARTMANN


These new criteria included leveraging social networking features, delivering a user-friendly experience and improving collaboration.

HARTMANN defined the requirements for the new intranet, named CONNECT, with the help of an employee survey, international workshops and an analysis of its existing group intranet. These new criteria included: leveraging social networking features; delivering a user-friendly experience; and improving collaboration. The CONNECT solution delivered by Avanade was built on a combination of Microsoft SharePoint and Yammer social enterprise tools. It integrates all the HARTMANN country organizations and ensures global cooperation.


Today, CONNECT is available for more than 10,000 employees worldwide. Results of the new solution include:

  • Country organizations now manage local content independently.
  • The new CONNECT intranet offers all the SharePoint functionalities for document and project management through collaboration sites.
  • 75% of employees are using Yammer and collaborating across 400 active groups. The social app is driving engagement on internal conferences and events and providing a place to share ideas, updates and questions.

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HARTMANN employees welcome the social enterprise and new collaboration tools

Avanade helped HARTMANN enhance their modern workplace experience with Microsoft Office 365.

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