HELLA drives productivity with modern document collaboration solution

Business Situation

HELLA’s previous client and document management solution forced valuable customer information to be spread out across multiple stand-alone servers, each with its own folder structure and conventions. This situation made tracking information challenging for sales people, who had to collate and manage hundreds of technical and legal documents each time an opportunity arose.

The client wanted a cloud-first solution to optimise this inefficient document management and sharing process.

“We’ve measured the time saving improvements and this project will save hundreds of thousands of Euros a year, so it pays for itself.”

Nico Götzel Project Manager for Global Sales Excellence at HELLA


Avanade was selected as strategic partner thanks to our experience delivering results with similar workplace modernisation projects. We designed a cloud-first, end-to-end document management system that integrated Microsoft SharePoint Online with the client’s legacy Salesforce.com platform. The solution enables HELLA’s sales team to automatically create a central repository for documents when starting a new opportunity, as well as collaborate with others and access much needed information, faster and easier.


Today, sales reps across 35 countries and 125 locations can easily create, edit and track all of the documents needed for opportunities. Results realised include:
  • Significant ROI:The solution “pays for itself” in the time savings alone, according to the client.
  • Transparency: A central document repository makes sales actions simpler and more productive.
  • Digital workplace: A more engaged, energised workforce is using the most modern tools available.


Hella Case Study

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