Henkel leads innovation in adhesive technologies and consumer brands. With a move to a new, highly-personalized, mobile-ready solution, employees can now find the latest content, news and upcoming events on the “Henkel Hub” workplace platform. By subscribing to personalized information that matters, they can access the relevant services and applications they need in their daily work.

"We focused on our employees and have provided a digital workplace that fits every user. Now, they can get all the information that’s relevant and important to them."

Nicolai Lindau Senior Manager of Digital Workplace Strategy, Henkel

Business situation

Over the years, Henkel’s legacy intranet portal grew to over a dozen sites that spanned multiple regions, countries and departments. Employees found it difficult to get targeted content based on their roles, interests or requirements. When out of the office, they could only access the intranet portal while connected to Henkel's virtual private network. Leadership knew employees needed access to real-time company news and updates anytime, anywhere.


Together, we built a single, integrated digital environment on Microsoft 365 and made it available via Microsoft Teams using Microsoft Viva Connections. Henkel’s 52,000 employees worldwide rely on the new Henkel Hub for the content they need and want. By investing in the employee experience, Henkel has achieved higher, more robust engagement.

"We got a really nice looking, highly personalized solution," says Stefan Hertzog, IT project lead at Henkel. "You can still see that it's based on SharePoint, but it also has a distinctly Henkel design. It looks like what a workplace hub in the modern era should look like."

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