Kirby improves employee engagement and safety; evolves digital workplace


Together, Avanade and Kirby identified a mobile framework built on Microsoft Azure using Xamarin that would increase employee effectiveness and engagement, while helping Kirby achieve its long-term business goals.


The 10-12 week project will result in an application that provides instant access to safety videos, travel schedules, email and more, resulting in improved employee connectedness, engagement and safety.
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Improving the employee experience

Kirby Corporation picks Avanade to improve its employee experience.

​“Ensuring employee safety and engagement is intrinsic to Kirby’s core values. We wanted to harness Microsoft’s technology and Avanade’s deep enterprise expertise to provide a solution that empowers and connects employees no matter where they are.”

David Mosely CIO, Kirby Corporation

Business Situation

Kirby is developing a mobile solution in support of its digital workplace journey. The new mobile application will enable Kirby employees to access company tools and information, eliminating many manual processes and physical barriers to getting work done.

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