Avanade delivers a flexible solution for processing different types of license requests

Business Situation

Kiwa Register has been supplying value documents and permits on behalf of a Dutch Ministry since 2010.

When Kiwa Register started operating, each division (air, sea, land) had their own handling system varying from paper forms, PDF documents and fully automated solutions.

In order to reduce costs and optimize these processes Kiwa decided to build one platform for all of their divisions.


  • Improved business agility
    The new platform provides the ability to chain smaller processing steps to support an entire business process. Introducing new business processes or new steps in existing processes is now facilitated. The solution realizes a shorter time to market for new business processes.
  • Insight in processing time
    Insights in processing time of license requests is facilitated by using BizTalk Activity Monitoring (BAM). This information is of value for SLA’s applicable to Kiwa.


Avanade has built a highly flexible Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) platform to process license requests. This platform consists of BizTalk Server 2010, SharePoint 2010 and CRM 2011. Avanade has successfully applied Service Oriented Architecture patterns resulting in business processes that can easily be created or adjusted. This platform provides great flexibility for Kiwa and marks the start of application rationalization for their IT environment.

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