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As a leading provider of digital and in-person solutions that support the total well-being of people and organizations, LifeWorks knows the benefits of creating a great workplace experience for its more than 7,000 global employees with a modern technology ecosystem and optimized operations. Because the company works with sensitive client information, security is critical to its business. It therefore understood that a secure cloud solution was essential. The COVID-19 pandemic and the increased cybersecurity risks associated with remote working led LifeWorks to accelerate its move to the full services of Microsoft 365’s secure E5 suite to:

  • Improve its security posture with cloud-native tools and controls
  • Adopt holistic asset protection and threat detection
  • Understand which applications and data employees regularly access
  • Enhance and scale the employee experience
  • Take advantage of advanced collaboration tools for hybrid work


Avanade worked with LifeWorks to explore the current state of its security tools, policies, standards and procedures. Through a series of virtual workshops, we mapped the company’s specific needs to the cloud security tools offered by Microsoft 365 E5. By the end of this engagement, LifeWorks had a comprehensive product and tool enablement roadmap.


Following the security assessment, Avanade and LifeWorks began a phased implementation of Microsoft 365 E5. Thanks to the new tools, the company will be able to:

  • Handle the fast-evolving threat landscape
  • More easily detect and respond to security issues
  • Boost employees’ workplace experience with greater scalability of services
  • Enhance remote working capabilities

LifeWorks is demonstrating to both clients and employees how seriously it takes security. By adopting resilient, agile and responsive foundations, the company is better prepared to realize its vision of improving business and improving lives.

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