Manutencoop differentiates itself in the marketplace by expanding its range of IT customer services.

Business Situation

The main business need was to differentiate the company in the management of facility services aimed at large, enterprise organisations. Always striving for improvement, the company began a strategic review of its internal business processes and IT systems. In line with this purpose, Manutencoop engaged Avanade in this multi-year development plan.


Starting from an assessment of various applications comprising code, functional aspects as well as management of the software life cycle, various solutions have been deployed including application maintenance services. The results have been the successful deployment of the following:

CRM system

Based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and developed by Avanade for Manutencoop

Progetto CRM

“Progetto CRM” comprises of various implementations:

  • Sales Force automation
  • Budgeting
  • B2C Order Management
  • Management of tender notices 

Portale Fornitori 

 “Portale Fornitori” is the application that allows utencoop to interact with its vendors.


Jointly with a dedicated marketing campaign, the new Manutencoop intranet is a portal which aims to enhance employees’ involvement, improve productivity and scalability of business processes, and integrate internal and external processes.


Manutencoop continues to recognise the benefits of their partnership with Avanade. They are now looking to drive further growth and competitive advantage by using SharePoint as a workflow engine and framework, and developing applications in the areas of finance, bidding and procurement.


Case Study: Manutencoop

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