Transforming into a true global network with Microsoft Dynamics AX


​With the new Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 solution, Miki Travel is equipped with a holistic solution that streamlines and standardizes its operational processes. This enables employees to access data in real-time and helps to increase cost efficiencies in its offices across the globe.

Business Situation

​With over 30 offices around the globe including Africa, the Middle East, Russia, US, Canada, Oceania and Asia, Miki Travel continues to grow its global presence and network as a trusted travel partner. However, its growing footprint around the globe raised challenges in inter-office communication and coordination as each office had different accounting systems that lacked standardization. In addition, due to the unique nature of the travel tourism business, the company had to closely monitor its profit and loss of the tours sold to customers around the globe and this proved difficult with the existing system. Miki Travel had to find a solution to streamline and standardize its operational and accounting processes in order to drive efficient coordination in its global network of offices.


​With Miki Travel’s business needs in mind, Avanade proposed the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 solution that replaced the company’s varied accounting platforms. Dynamics AX provided a solution with unrivalled usability and functionality due to its multi-lingual and multi-currency support which were fundamental in addressing Miki Travel’s needs. It allowed for the implementation of a standardized operation process for its offices, easy tracking of profit and loss data to visualize the status of the business, as well as optimized operations maintenance which reduces cost.

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