Employees at this government agency who are responsible for the strategic road network in England now have easy access to project-related data that was once across disparate sources, saving hours of work each month. By using a common platform and governance framework, key infrastructure projects can be planned and delivered on time and on budget. This facilitates roadway maintenance so people and freight traffic can keep moving safely.

“We were able to open our project on time. Actually, we were eight months early and on budget, which is significant for a government project [of this size]. We’ve then taken that learning and expanded it to the rest of the projects in the complex infrastructure program.”

Alan Perkins Head of Program Complex Infrastructure, National Highways

Business Situation

National Highways' team manages large supply chains for their complex infrastructure projects. Performance data was spread across multiple systems and difficult to access, requiring significant manual effort, and employees needed this data to make the right decisions and deliver projects on schedule. Leaders wanted to consolidate information across internal systems and the supply chain and also build dashboards to deliver the insights employees need.


Partnering with the agency to translate its multi-source data into a more meaningful framework, we implemented a new data platform – powered by Microsoft Azure and Databricks and enhanced by Microsoft Power BI visualization. This was specifically for resource planning and construction activities, and will help get new data products into the hands of users early.

Unlocking the power of data means project teams receive real-time performance metrics for active projects so they can stay ahead of the curve. This transformation has paved the road for future successes and, in fact, 77 live projects are now benefitting from the new platform.

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